• Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More
  • Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More
  • Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More

SBI Bill Pay- Most Convenient And Simplest Way To Pay Off Your Electricity Bills

Those days have gone when people used to stand in a long queue and used to pay their
  electricity bills. Technology and internet has made everything easy and simple for us. Today you don’t have to wait for your chance to pay your electricity bills instead you can make payment through internet. That is you can pay your electricity bill through internet or online banking or through credit cards. Most of the banks nowadays provide this most convenient service of online bill payment. One of most popular banks, SBI also provides this type of service where you can easily enjoy its online SBI bill pay service.This service consists
of three major options- payment of electricity bill through internet banking and credit card. First and foremost service of online SBI bill pay service is paying electricity bill through credit cards- it is one of the most convenient and simple way to pay. There are two ways to pay through credit cards-

Lets us understand how the bill is actually calculated by the Electricity Bill Calculator. The calculator has all the slabs of the current charges stored in it and when the consumed number of units is fed into it then it calculates the cost of the bill. Let us see and understand it through an example:
*Pay right away- in which you have to select biller location, then provide biller details and then authorise payment amount from your SBI credit cards.
*Register and pay option- in which you have to set up an account of your biller by providing details of your bill, then after registration each time whenever your bill is due you will get regular SMS & Emails, thus whenever you need to pay your electricity bill just login to your account which you have registered where you can see all your bills as well as authorize your payment. Second most commonly used service of online SBI bill pay is payment through internet banking. This method is widely used by everyone worldwide. Thus to pay online electricity bill you need to follow these steps that are written below-
• Firstly login to your online SBI account by providing your username and password to it.
• Then after successful login click on Bill Payment option which is located at the top of navigation.
• Then click on manage biller which is located on left hand side.
• Now press “ADD” button on your screen.
• Now change, default setting of “All India Biller” to “City/State”

radio button according to your preference.
• Then select your city and click on go button.
• After this an online form page will open, which you have to fill very carefully, and then after completing this form click on submit button.
Hence this how you can utilize online SBI bill pay service and can make your electricity bill payment on just one click.