• Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More
  • Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More
  • Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More

Save Electricity To Help Conserve Natural Resources And Save The Environment

  Electricity has become such an important part of everyone’s lives that it can be added on list of basic necessities for survival- food, shelter and clothing. From vacuum cleaners to super computers, everything runs on electricity. A good percentage of electricity across the world is generated by combustion of fossil fuels and coals and since humans have already consumed half of natural resources that were available, therefore it is need of the hour to save electricity. Saving electricity should be of paramount importance to everyone
living on Earth as natural resources are getting scarce with each passing day. with each passing day.Saving electricity does not only help environment but will also help you in lessening your burgeoning electricity bill. Making appliances of your home more energy efficient or insulating your home or changing your day-to-day habits can help the cause of saving electricity.

Some important points that you should keep in mind to save electricity are as follows:
• Renewable energy sources: try to get your electricity from those sources that use renewable energy sources such as wind or water to generate electricity.
• Insulation: ensure that you have good seals on doors and windows to give proper insulation. Make sure that your water heater is properly insulated and it does not lose too much heat.
• Use your air condition wisely and efficiently to save electricity. Also, proper maintenance, servicing and changing filter at least once a year can help in lessening your electricity bill considerably.

• Limit your reliance on appliances: do not use washing machines frequently. Instead try to wash your clothes with hand. Dry your clothes in your backyard rather than using driers too often.
• Replace your old appliances with “energy star” rated appliances.
• Do not open your refrigerator’s door too frequently and also check for its seal at regular intervals.
• Do not forget to turn off appliances when not in use and plug them out of socket. TVs, Music Systems, Computers, chargers are some of most energy sapping appliances.

• Most simplest and common way to save electricity is to turn off lights when not in use.
• Sunlight is a best source of energy as well as illumination, hence Illuminate your house with natural illumination and use minimal of lights possible during day time. Use light colored curtains that will provide privacy as well as let sunlight pass easily.
• Replace your regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights as CFLs are a big energy savor.
• Use solar panel electricity systems like lamps, inverter, dryer, cooker, heater etc.