• Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More
  • Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More
  • Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More

Maharashtra electricity bill online payment-

The Maharashtra Electricity is an electric company which is based in Mumbai, India. Apart from handling electric services, the company is also planning to carry out operations of Solar, Natural gas, Thermal energy and Hydro electric etc. The company is currently serving 18.6
  million customers through its dedicated services. The Maharashtra electricity bill allow several methods for its payment and the most convenient ways are payment in person, automatic deduction, online payments and phone payments etc. The customers can make their payment online for Maharashtra Electricity bill through its official site and the acceptance methods include credit card, debit card and electronic checks etc. Customers can also pay the bill at their own
convenient location and the entire list of locations will be made available to them on the official site along with the location of Drop boxes.
Payment in person includes a third party pay that is Cash Bill pay Service that will charge an affordable fee which will be applied to your Bill payment.
The customers can also make the payment through phone by calling customer service at 1-800-233-3435 that accept payment through credit or debit card method. They can even visit the official portal to fill the details like Customer no. and mobile number to get information about their bills through SMS.

When a customer uses Automatic deduction scheme to make a payment then a particular amount is deducted from their Maharashtra bank balance, for which the bank charges some amount as fee. To get information about your bills, the customers can get through the form that are made avavible on the official website and need to fill it with required details so that they can receive the amount that is required to be paid through email. This form will include information for Customer No, Processing cycle, Billing units and Email address respectively.
The latest electricity slab rates for the state of Maharashtra as specified by the electricity boards are mentioned below:-
• From 1 unit to 100 units- Rs 3.36 per unit
• From 101 units to 300 units- Rs 6.05 per unit
• From 301 units to 500 units- Rs 7.92 per unit
• From 501 units to 1000 units- Rs 8.78 per unit
• Above 1001 units- Rs 9.5 per unit
For making a payment online the Maharashtra bank has offered various methods which are based on the convenience and ease of people that are-
< MSEDCL/MSEB portal- This is a new Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited which was previously known as MSEB and provide their customers with online payment facilitates through their official portal in which the customers have to make a login for the first time using the customer number. The mode of payment accepted is Debit, Credit, Net banking etc.
Net banking- All the nationalised banks hold these online opportunity, you just have to login through any bank and need to add your MSEDCL account on it. After which you can make the payment accordingly through net banking facility.

Bill Desk & Bill Junction- They are providing online services to any kind such as telephone, electricity etc. They just work through bank account registration, filling of form and sending through email before started using these services.
These techniques have been adopted so that the customers can understand the benefits associated with the same and can save their precious time by following the online approach.