• Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More
  • Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More
  • Pay your electricity bill in cash in old denomination immediately for better utilising. Read More

Simple Steps For Making Secure Payment Of Electricity Bill Kerala

Kerala State Electricity Board is authority responsible for generating, transmitting and

distributing electricity to consumers in Kerala. This board has installed a large number of hydro electric projects with a total capacity of about 2230 megawatts. At present, this board
  is serving about 95 lakhs of people in Kerala and is distributing electricity to wide area by providing electricity to both urban and rural population. But in order to continue enjoying their electricity services, it is imperative to pay your bills in time. These days, procedure of payment of electricity bill Kerala has been simplified and you do not need to stand for hours in a long queue for making your payment. The latest electricity Slab rates in the state of Kerala as
implemented by the state government are as follows:-
For Monthly units less than 250
• 1 to 50 units- Rs 2.8 per unit
• 51 to 100 units- Rs 3.2 per unit
• 101 to 150 units- Rs 4.2 per unit
• 151 to 200 units- Rs 5.8 per unit
• 201 to 250 units- Rs 7.0 per unit
For Monthly units between 250 and 300
• 1 to 300 units –Rs 5.0(all units)
For Monthly units between 300 and 350
• 1 to 350 units –Rs 5.7(all units)
For Monthly units between 350 and 400
• 1 to 400 units –Rs 6.1(all units)
For Monthly units between 400 and 500
• 1 to 500 units –Rs 6.7(all units)
For Monthly units above 500
• 1 to above units –Rs 7.5(all units)

For online payment of electricity bill Kerala, you need to visit official website of Kerala State Electricity Board. Here’s providing some simple steps may be followed to pay your bill online in a feasible and proper manner.
• First of all, it is important to keep your electricity bill with you
so as to furnish all required details online.
• Next fill required details, like electrical section, consumer number and bill number which are mentioned in your bill.
• Then enter personal details required and click for bill details.
• Different bill details are provided for different electrical sections. For central server sections, details about all regular energy bills which are pending are made available. For other sections, only last bill is available for payment and it is further required that online payment is made 2 days before date of disconnection mentioned on your bill as well as no previous amount is outstanding.
• Then you need to choose your desired transaction mode, i.e., whether you want to make payment through net banking, your credit card, or debit card.
• Follow steps of payment as per your desired mode and click for confirmation.
• Then, detailed information will be displayed on your screen and you can check your net amount transacted and other balance details.
• After going through all details, you can click make payment option. All transaction details will be made available to you on screen and you can also take a print out of it for a quick perusal when required.
It is to be noted that in case of central server section, bill payment is carried into effect immediately, but in case of other sections, it takes one day to update, but effective date is your date of online payment.