Electricity Bill Estimator-

Estimators are the calculators which help in identifying the actual amount of electricity used
  within a particular time span. Avail the best utilization Estimators Online to save on electricity bills. There are multiple ways to estimate electricity consumed by various appliances as discussed below. The Bill Estimator helps you to get a general idea of your daily utilization of electricity. This will help you to know the exact amount of units utilized on each household appliance and accordingly the wastage can be reduced. Some basic strategies that can
help in reducing the total energy usage are as follows- Use space heater rather than central heater in winter and use ceiling fan more than air conditioners in summer (This will result in 50% consumption of power supply).

Lighting Estimator:This estimator will help you to calculate total number of bulbs used, type of bulb and the time duration. By entering these details one can get the exact count of units. If the estimation is found higher, replacement by less consuming bulbs or tube lights should be made accordingly.

Kitchen Appliances:The estimator used to calculate the total cost incurred over the appliances like microwave oven, refrigerators, coffee maker or dishwasher etc. This calculation can be done by selecting the specific appliances used and amount of time taken or load utilized. The calculation will be based on national average for typical device that may vary.
Domestic well pumps:This estimater is used to calculate the total c ost of different HP pumps like Well Pump 1/2 HP, Well Pump 3/4 HP, Well Pump 1 HP, Well Pump 1.5 HP and Well Pump 1.5 HP. This calculation can be done by selecting the respective pump and the quantity. Miscellaneous/Laundry Appliances:For calculating the amount of load incurred through laundry appliances, one need to make estimation through the type of washer used along with loading time. Other appliances include Television, vaccum cleaner, radio, ceiling fan and computer system etc. The calculation can be made for the period of time they came into use.

Using the web based calculators one can avail the actual utilization. It is an important step to be considered before making the actual payment. This will also help you to know on which appliances you need to give attention on. Accordingly, the usage should be done and results in less electricity cost.