BSES electricity bill pay online--

The BSES is following the privatization of Delhi power sector along with unbundling of Delhi
Vidyut Board from July 2002. Their main business from power distribution was later transferred to BSES Rajdhani Power limited and BSES Yamuna Power Limited.
  They are indulged in distributing electricity to 35 Lakh customers throughout Delhi, acquire assets, liabilities, proceedings and personal of DVB as per the specified norms. BSES want to indulge as most admirable and trusted integrated company that deliver reliable product and services to their customers on time. They follow international standards of customer care which create superior values for its Stakeholders and set up the corporate
standards through the pursuit of operational and financial expertise that bring profitable growth. The BSES Yamuna Power limited covers an area of 200 kilometres with a population density 5953 sq km.
They carry out services for 14 Lakh customers in 14 districts across Central and East areas. The Rajdhani Power limited covers 750 sq kilo areas that serve 21 Lakh customers over 19 districts across the South and West areas. The BSES has invested over Rs.4500 crore on upgrading the infrastructure that result in record reduction.

There are multiple ways through which the payment of the bill is taken up by the BSES like Bill payment Kiosk, Credit card/Net Banking, Check in mail, Counters, Drop Boxes, Pay by phone and Pay outlets etc. The E-bill service provides the customers with a convenience of receiving monthly electrical bill at your inbox. The E-bill offers benefits like speedy in nature as they are delivered to your inbox, free of cost, no need to preserve the copy of your bill as you can print and save it for reference, physical address is required to get delivered at billing address.

These payments through Kiosk and electrical drop boxes are provided by BRPL at their division Centers and Customer Care offices so that the customer do not have hassle to stand in a queue and can make electrical bill payment easily. There are lot of vacancies invited every year for the candidates those who think beyond limits, If you are searching career opportunities in this field then this company will serve you at every level and to get more information on the services and vacancies please refer the official portal.