Online Payment Is A Best Way To Pay Your Assam Electricity Bill-

Power plays an important role in evolution of industries and also helps in enhancing economy of any state, therefore state electricity boards play vital roles in overall
  development of states. Assam state electricity board (ASEB) is one such board that furnishes duties of electricity production, transmission and distribution in state of Assam with help from its three daughter companies which are Assam Power Grid Corporation Limited (APGCL), Assam power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) and Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited (AEGCL).AEGCL’s main business is to transport electricity from its source to all
distribution companies in Assam while APDCL distributes electricity across the state of Assam. Since ASEB works so hard to provide power to all areas of Assam, therefore it is duty of citizens to pay Assam Electricity bill on time.

Paying your electricity bill used to be a very cumbersome experience a few years ago as people had to stand in long queues under scorching heat but thankfully now it has become a lot easier with advent of Information Technology. You can now pay your Assam Electricity bill online without leaving comforts of your homes. A plan is devised to install prepaid metered system into Assam which would mean that consumers will only use that amount of electricity for which they have paid already. This would mean electricity will be saved and people would not have to be too concerned about payment of bills.
The latest electricity slab rates for the state of Assam as specified by the electricity boards are mentioned below:-
For load upto 5 KW
• 1 unit to 120 units- Rs 3.58 per unit
• 121 units to 240 units- Rs 5.45 per unit
• Above 241 units- Rs 6.15 per unit
For load more than 5 KW
• Rs 5.75 per unit for any number of units

AEDCL has the authority to collect bills online from consumers. Online bill payment is very easy and you can visit AEDCL’s website for this purpose. Click on online bill payment and you will be directed to a new website “mybijulibill” where you can find details of your bill and can make bill payment. Next step for you would be to enter your consumer number and click on go. You can then choose either to view your bill or can make payment through credit cards, debit cards, internet banking through billDesk as payment gateway or with ItzCash cash card through mybijulibill portal. You can also register your mobile number at the portal to receive SMS alerts on your phone regarding your Assam electricity bill.